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Our family company based on heritage, pride, and consistency. Starting with our chef driven creations which start back 4 generations ago in Italy, from Chiappetti Family recipes from Calabria. Our dishes are synonymous with tradition and the freshest quality available, simple in presentation but rich in flavor and texture. Our Italian table is about sharing the experience of getting together, and no better reason than the focus of classic dishes. Bring memorable tastes to the table and the creation of long lasting relationships is inevitable.

The Chiappetti family established 80 years ago in the original Chicago Stockyards and has been a staple in grocery stores since. Chiappetti Lamb and Veal is founded on family, quality, and consistency and has been featured in Chicago’s leading grocery stores.

Chef Steven Chiappetti, grandson to Fiore Chiappetti, proudly learned the craft from his own mother who learned it from her mother. Today, practicing the same level of dedication, Chiappetti Foods offers unequaled character and delicious quality of fresh pastas, mixed flavored meatballs, sauces, and spice blends. Our Italian food inspires life, simple, fresh and always demanded